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Towing Light Duty:-
$100.00 Hook Up fee+$3.75 Per loaded miles!
Towing Medium duty:-
2500 Truck or Van:
$125.00 Hook Up fee+$4.00 Per loaded miles!
Towing Heavy duty:-
Up to 15,000lbs!
3500,4500,5500 or tank,container,
$200.00 Hook Up fee +$5.00 Per loaded miles!
Roadside services:-
Fuel Delivery , Lockout , Jump Start ,
Tire Change , Air Compressor, Def  Delivery For Diesel.  
$45+$2.50 Per Mile to the vehicle!
$150 for One hour or less! passed the one hour, an addition of $2.50 Per minute applied+$2.50 Per Mile to The vehicle! 
*If the vehicle's not freely rolling on it's own 4 wheels and tires, then a Special equipment requires to load it! that's a $50 Extra charge for each axle that's not freely rolling!! 
    Top-Car Towing and roadside assistance  12541 South US Hwy 181 San Antonio TX 78223